December 2009

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

As someone with an English Lit degree, I read a lot of Shakespeare in college.  Pretty much all of it, at one point or another.  But I'll tell you what: these "Complete Works of Shakespeare" books are a total crock.

One of the first English classes I took in college specified a "Complete Works of Shakespeare" compendium on the list of required textbooks.  Being a complete sucker, and a rule abiding one at that, I bought the damned thing.  Between the shocking cost of the thing, and its weight, you would have thought it had been made of gold.

It turns out that the professor assigned it for two reasons:

1.     He was under the impression that someone else bought your textbooks.  Therefore, by assigning something cool, he was basically giving you a present on someone else's dime.

N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Microeconomics

Many years ago I chose this book because it is one of the most popular introductory microeconomics textbooks, and for good reason.  As someone who is not an economics expert, or even a college student taking an introductory Econ class, but just someone who wanted a better understanding of some of the basic concepts of microeconomics, I found this book to be extremely valuable.  (I bought a used and slightly out of date copy for about $20.  I see that the new cover price is over $100 - I don't think I would consider it as valuable at that price!)