December 2011

Save and earn cash from textbooks on

"It’s easy to modify inventory or change the selling price of a listed item once it goes live."

With many college courses requiring more than one textbook, the cost of these materials can often be staggering. Buying and selling textbooks on is one way to purchase used books at a fraction of the cost of new ones. It can also be an ideal way to make a little extra cash once the semester is over.

Introduction to the OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab

The OWL also known as the online writing lab is located within the Purdue University and they house writing resources, instructional material, and they provide free services to students, the community and users all over the world.  Their mission statement says the Purdue University Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) are focused on helping clients in their overall development of their writing skills. It doesn't matter what their skill level entails they will are available to help through several different ways such as online participation, community engagement, and online consultations.  The Purdue Writing Lab also assists the Purdue, West Lafayette campus and they coordinate with local literacy steps.

All About MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Open Courses

"MIT has well over 1550 MIT courses available representing five MIT schools and over 34 departments."

All About MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Open Courses

There are many different free textbook and educational information for students of all ages.  Even for those who aren't enrolled in college.  Some of the colleges interested students can partake in are:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and this is one of the main colleges who took the time out to get involved with OER. Provost Robert A. Brown asked a committee consisting of fellow students, MIT Faculty and administrators.  MIT is one the top 10 success stories bringing out open source education to the masses.  Open access and open source education has changed the way colleges, instructors, prospective students, organizations use operating systems, online documents, and software for educational purposes only.