January 2012

Help with Homeschooling

If you’re new to homeschooling, choosing the right curriculum can be an overwhelming task. One way to sort through the available options is to attend a curriculum fair. By doing so, you can inspect different textbooks to see if you like the material. You can also talk to publishers and may even be able to get discounts for purchasing an entire set of books rather than only one subject.

What is Project Gutenberg?


Project Gutenberg is a site that offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download.  Users can download these books on their PC, Mac, Kindle, Android, iOS, or other portable platforms.  Users can choose from Kindle, ePub, HTML and simple text formats.  This site is completely free and no registration is needed or fee however they do encourage people to donate funding to keep the site going.  Donations help Project Gutenberg to buy and digitize more books.  The founder of Project Gutenberg, Michael Hart invented ebooks in 1971, and has continued to inspired the advancement of ebooks.  The mission statement of Project Gutenberg is, “to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.  The mission is, as much as possible, to encourage all those who are interested in making eBooks and helping to give them away.  In fact, Project Gutenberg approves about 99% of all requests from those who would like to make our eBooks and give them away, within their various local copyright limitations. Project Gutenberg is powered by ideas, ideals, and by idealism. Project Gutenberg is not powered by financial or political power. Therefore Project Gutenberg is powered totally by volunteers.”

Selling Your Textbooks Quickly and Easily

Check out these websites for some quick cash at the end of the semester

So the semester is finally over and you need to unload your books. You’re in luck because there are several websites that will buy your used college textbooks and may even pay for the shipping. Here are a few reputable ones to check out whenever you need to sell books in a hurry:

www.bookbyte.com  Instantly type in an ISBN number to find out if your book is one being purchased. If so, you will be shown an offer which you can accept or decline.  You can enter as many ISBNs as you would like and decline or accept each offer. When you’re finished, the system will generate a shipping label for you to use when returning your books. You can expect payment in the form of a check around a week or so after the books are received.