February 2012

Offensive Textbooks Banned in Tucson

Publications promoted racism and violence

The Tucson, Arizona school board recently released a list of textbooks that are to be banned in public school classrooms. These textbooks had been a part of the school system’s Mexican-American studies program until recently when ethnic studies were discontinued throughout the region. The school board claims these textbooks promote racism and that they were an “indoctrination” into Marxist ways of thinking.

The decision to ban these books did not come lightly. The Arizona Superintendant of Public Instruction personally visited classrooms where this curriculum was being taught. What he found was both shocking and amazing. He claims that the books explicitly claim they are modeled around Marxism and also promote hatred of whites. He claims that only one viewpoint is given in the Mexican-American studies curriculum and that it does not afford students the opportunity to think critically.

The E-Reader Evolution

Having just received my first Kindle this Christmas, I realize I’m a little late to the e-reader game. However, even after owning it for such a short amount of time, I’ve become quite enamored. I can only think back to my college experiences and think, “Why didn’t they have this kind of thing when I was in college?” Not just for my general reading pleasure, but I can only drool over the fortune it would have saved me on textbooks.

Choosing Kindle Textbooks

If you’re tired of lugging around piles of books, you may want to think about getting them on a Kindle instead. Many titles are available in this format through Amazon.  You do not need to visit a bookstore, but you may search for your book by title and author directly from your device. Many times, these textbooks are cheaper than print copies are, and rentals are also available in some instances.